Forklift mat

Extra strong floor mat for large, heavy warehouse traffic. For example, the mat is excellently navigable with forklifts, telescopic platforms, pallet and pallet trucks, buck cranes, side loaders and other tiled devices.

This durable mat removes moisture and dirt from the vehicle wheels as they enter your building, keeping the floor of your loading ramp clean and dry.

Thus, there is a much lower risk of slipping for your employees in this area and you also save cleaning costs at the same time.

It effectively reduces the risk of employees slipping on wet ground. In addition, you actively reduce costs and time that you otherwise had to invest in cleaning the floor

Why should you choose a forklift mat?

  • it removes dirt and moisture from forklift wheels and other ventilated devices
  • it reduces the risk of slipping and thus creates safety
  • it helps you to save cleaning costs and time
  • Micro nylon, HTN polyamide 6
  • It has a highly absorbent and robust surface
  • Nitrile rubber
  • The extra thick rubber back ensures strength and stability
  • For use in the shipping area, at the loading ramp, in incoming and outgoing goods and in the warehouse.Sustainable yarn made from 50% recycled industrial waste.


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