MX – logo mat/dirtcarpet Light

100% rubber sole and machine washable

Individually printable logo mat with reduced material weight.
An easy way to decorate your entrance area and also keep it clean.

There is no better way to make a lasting impression on your guests and customers. Light’s durable nylon surface traps dirt perfectly and the durable nitrile rubber back makes the mat non-slip. Jet-Print Light mats are slightly lighter in weight and an alternative for anyone who can do without industrial washing.

Why MX logo mat Light?

Customizable logo mat with excellent dirt-catching and lighter weight.
A touch-resistant nylon surface that is printed using the jetprint process.
Keeps dirt and moisture out of the fibers.
Available in 44 intense standard colors.
Nitrile rubber non-slip back.
Lightproof and suitable for underfloor heating.
Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years.
Made in Europe.


Reijo Laos
Kontakt: +372 58357466