Printable doormats


State-of-the-art Jet-Print technology for a great first impression

This custom printed logo mat performs two functions simultaneously…

Vivid, bright coloured logos and graphics make it an excellent eye-catcher, great for promotional use and placement at the point of purchase.

It also performs perfectly as a dust control mat making it ideal for business entrances and reception areas. A true champion of mats for the professional service industry.

With a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and utilising the latest colour-fast printing technology, the Jet-Print mat will look as good as new through many wash cycles and the most vigorous of daily foot traffic.

  • 2 year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Made in Europe



Individually printable logo mat with reduced material weight.
An easy way to decorate your entrance area and also keep it clean.

There is no better way to make a lasting impression on your guests and customers. Jet-Print Light’s durable nylon surface traps dirt perfectly and the durable nitrile rubber back makes the mat non-slip. Jet-Print Light mats are slightly lighter in weight and an alternative for anyone who can do without industrial washing.

Why Jet-Print Light?

Customizable logo mat with excellent dirt-catching and lighter weight.
A touch-resistant nylon surface that is printed using the jetprint process.
Keeps dirt and moisture out of the fibers.
Available in 44 intense standard colors.
Nitrile rubber non-slip back.
Lightproof and suitable for underfloor heating.
Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years.
Made in Europe.



Custom designs for the ultimate outdoor mat!


Practically everyone is familiar with the scratchy-fibre type of outdoor grass mats. These heavy-duty mats are extremely weather-resistant and particularly insensitive to coarse dirt, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Unfortunately, however, the colour selection is mostly limited to green.

This drabness of colour is now a thing of the past! Kleen-Tex presents the unique grass mat for outdoor use – the Logo Outdoor ! This is the first outdoor mat that can be printed with colours and logos according to your personal requirements.

  • 2 year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Made in Europe


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